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  Maximizing the Potential of Growth
Mr. Rajeev Goyal had a head start as he learnt the fundamentals of establishing and running a business from his father, Mr. Chhabildas Goyal.

His youthful energy and zeal came into focus in 1995 when he joined at the helm of Speedage Express Cargo Services as a Director. Barely 23 years of age, he brought in the mindset and zestful dynamism of a new generation. His capacity for innovation and focused management skills helped him to face even the deepest crisis with strong determinism.

Express Industry, carrying time sensitive goods, is a difficult business to run, especially in a country with the size and complexity of India. While the existing express cargo companies were struggling to meet the demands of customers, Mr. Rajeev Goyal was able to get ahead by offering fresh new ideas and high technology solutions.

Speedage Express Cargo Services achieved success by following an agile business model with a backbone of cutting-edge technology, delivering operation efficiency, time commitment, safety and security, nationwide service network, proactive information to customers, web based IT solution, Industry excellence-CRM, economical logistic solutions along with core management values in Human Resource. This resulted in a win-win equation for all the stakeholders with a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Seeing the success of Speedage Express Cargo Services, the global logistic giant TNT, who wanted to enter the Indian Express market, acquired a 100% stake in the company. TNT’s acquisition was based on the study of Speedage’s impeccable track record, strong systems and consistent performance.

Moving on, Mr. Rajeev Goyal set up SG Group, motivated by an indefatigable ambition and driven by a vision to creating a vibrant tomorrow, the group’s mission is to establish itself as a respected global brand.

Calyx Container Terminals Private Limited was formed in September 2006 to participate in the vision of new India, where the burgeoning service sector plays such a vital role. Driven by farsighted thinking, armed with new strategies and based on logical field research, Calyx is set to be the preferred Container Terminal service of the future.
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